Thursday, April 28, 2011

Autumn Art

In April we met up with our wonderful friends for our second little splinter art group. Unfortunately we don't have photos of the first activity we did that day. It was salad spinner art using food colouring. It was was a big hit (not enough paper plates!!) and produced great looking art. Will def do again and get photos then.

The other activity was also a big hit. It was a night time autumn picture. With daylight savings gone Matilda has been enjoying watching the bedtime hour getting darker and darker, and is eagerly anticipating our return to star/moon gazing before bedtime. Its not quite dark enough yet, but it is heading there. So to commemerate the darkening evening sky and the start of autumn we did a night time autumn gluing picture. I used different textures for the tree (sandpaper for the tree, felt for the leaves) and they glued glitter onto the night sky. Not only was it fun to do, but they look great too.

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